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We make hair removal quick and easy! We use soft and hard wax. Each wax is used for different skin sensitivities. Your esthetician or cosmetologist will make your hair removal appointment as painless as possible!


  • More waxing = less regrowth

  • Smooth skin

  • No stubborn stubble regrowth due to removing from the root and not shaving at the surface


  • BROW WAX/SHAPE $22​-$32

  • BROW WAX AND TINT  $42-$52

  • ​UPPER LIP $12

  • ​CHIN $15

  • ​NOSTRILS $15

  • ​CHEEKS $10

Experience smooth perfection with waxing services at The Beauty Society. Our skilled professionals provide precise and efficient hair removal, leaving your skin silky and rejuvenated. From brows to legs, we offer a range of waxing services using quality products to ensure a comfortable experience. Trust us for expert care and a smooth finish that lasts. Unveil your radiant self with waxing at The Beauty Society.
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