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looking for beauty business guidance?

You're in the right spot.

If you are serious about increasing your revenue, scaling your business, building a team, launching trainings, or even just understanding it all more...keep reading.


Are you in need of some serious changes in your business? Are you a busy female business owner feeling overwhelmed thinking there has to be a better way? Are you looking to impact your income without sacrificing so much of your personal life that you already have given up? 

I'm Sasha Haughn, founder of The Beauty Society. I did not intend to become a coach, but after building a multiple 7-figure commission salon, a highly sought after state recognized beauty academy with sold out courses, and having a hand several other business launches - it all came naturally. My passion for helping female beauty business service provider and entrepreneurs realize their goals and create the life they always envisioned combined with my own experience in business allows me to successfully guide students through a customized program that I create just for them.

Working with an experienced beauty business coach will successfully move you forward and get you out of the feeling of chaos, confusion, or spinning your wheels into burn out. There are a lot of coaches out there, but have they achieved what you are looking to do? 

Remove the overwhelm, struggle, and uncertainty from your business with coaching to set you up for success. You deserve it all. Let me help you get after it.


free discovery call

During this 25 minute zoom call, we will get clear on your goals and explore if working together is a good fit.

I have helped hundreds of students in person and online take the first or next step towards maximizing their potential and creating the beauty business of their dreams.

It starts with filling out the form below, then we will be in touch to schedule!

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The online BEAUTY SOCIETY Business Academy

Not looking for coaching? If you are more of a "work at your own pace" or "work on your own" type person, this is for you. This fall we are launching online courses and webinars to up level your beauty business. Join our waiting list below and we will contact you when online courses launch!

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