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results driven FACIAL SERVICES

Everyone’s skin is different…everyone’s skin may also need something different based on time of the year. You may find that you are more dry in the winter, and more oily in the summer. We offer customized facials to fit your needs because there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to skincare.

All facials come with a skin analysis/consultation at time of service for new clients to ensure you have booked the proper service for your needs and skin type. 


Did you know professional skincare is maintenance for your home skincare? One can't successfully exist without the other. Think of it like bruh your teeth at home daily but still need to visit the dentist at least 2x a year. You perform home skincare daily but still need to visit your esthetician every 4-6 weeks!

See our different facials below.

Helps smooth fine lines

Moisturizes Skin


Prevent Future Skin Issues

Experience Pure Relaxation



Our signature facial customized to your unique skin type whether that’s oily, dry, normal, combination, sensitive, or acneic. Let us choose what’s right for you and help you leave glowing. If you have never had a professional facial before, start here. Masques, small massage, steam, the whole 9 yards of pampering with results. DOES NOT INCLUDE DERMAPLANE.

CUSTOM CORRECTIVE FACIAL with dermaplane (approx. 60 min.) $95

Our most popular service. You get the best of both worlds with our signature facial and the benefits of a dermaplane. A dermaplane will remove weeks worth of dead keratinized skin cells, peach fuzz hair, and dirt leaving you with smooth skin. Targets fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and more. Did we mention your makeup will go on flawless after this? 



When you visit us for any facial, you will receive a complimentary skin analysis where we will develop a plan tailored just to you. This will include a professional skincare schedule and at-home care recommendations. Great, healthy, glowing skin is not just about getting facials, it's mainly about you doing your part at home too! Want to just relax and be pampered? We can help with that too.


CBD HYDROJELLY facial with dermaplane (approx. 60 min.) $115

Known for its healing properties, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are useful for reducing potential triggers of eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and rosacea. CBD helps soothe skin and reduce appearance of irritation, great for sensitive skin. This is our most popular signature facial (Custom Corrective Facial with Dermaplane) with the aded benefits of an Esthemax Hydrojelly CBD Masque.


(Can safely be placed over eyes and mouth IF requested but not necessary.) Let this incredibly effective ingredient change your entire professional skincare appointment. Does NOT contain THC.


Illuminating ice globe facial with dermaplane (approx. 60 min.) $115

Ice globes stimulate and exercise facial nerves and muscles, tightening your skin and aiding in the elimination of fine lines. Not only is this great for acne, puffy eyes, anti-aging, and inflammation but it is also amazing for sinus relief or migraines.


With a dermaplane at the beginning of this service, and a youthful elixir hydrojelly mask at the end, you will leave this facial GLOWING!


EXpress dermaplane (approx. 30 min) $50

A favorite, especially for those on their lunch break. Quick and results driven. A dermaplane will remove weeks worth of dead keratinized skin cells, peach fuzz hair, and dirt leaving you with smooth skin.


Targets fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and more. Did we mention your makeup will go on flawless after this? (Most people think it is, but this is NOT the same as shaving.)


iS clinical fire & ice facial (approx. 35 min.) $100

AKA "The Red Carpet Facial"


Intensive treatment with NO downtime. Rapidly and safely resurfaces the skin, reducing fine lines & wrinkles, while smoothing & softening. Encourages cellular renewal. Great for all skin types!


This facial is the results of a peel without any redness or peeling. You will leave immediately GLOWING!


microdermabrasion facial (approx. 50-60 min.) $95

Diamond tip microdermabrasion gently abrades the top skin surface while simultaneously vacuuming up dead layers of skin cells.


Benefits include: improved skin texture, brightens, lightens scarring/marks over time, good for all skin tones.

Great for everyone but especially those with facial hair or skin texture who are unable receive a dermaplane. 


back facial (approx. 50 min.) $90

Back tension? Back acne or dry textured skin? Your back deserves the same love your face gets when it comes to skincare.


All the benefits of a facial including cleanse, masque, exfoliation, extractions, plus a massage. All steps are done with steam and hot towels.

what our clients say


Erin Coleman


Feb 8, 2022

Kyla did a brow wax and tint! She did amazing. It's such a difference in the result compared to getting a brow wax at a nail salon. The tint has made me me decide against micro blading for now. Highly recommend!


Erin Coleman


Sep 3, 2021

Visited Brittney W today for a dermaplane appointment. Not only was the experience relaxing, the results will last up to 5 weeks and my makeup applies so much smoother without the peach fuzz! 


Brooke Anne


Dec 13, 2021

Brittney did an AMAZING job on my lash/tint + my eye brow lamination/tint + wax! Seriously feel beautiful! Recommend her to everyone! I'll for sure be coming back!

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