Community over competition is our motto. We are passionate about growing the industry in a safe manner by educating properly, creating a judgment free classroom to help others succeed, and ensuring safety of the lash artist and client.

Lashes are taking over the industry. A lash lift/tint is a great way to attract new clients and produce immediate results in just an hour. A great alternative to lash extensions for the client who doesn't have the time, extra money, or has a sensitivity. Lash lifts enhance the client's natural lashes by perming them into a curled state which lasts up to 6-8 weeks before growing out and relaxing. Using silicone rods and a series of cream solutions, a lash lift will give your client long-lasting, natural looking, yet enhanced lashes. 

Why choose Lash and Brow Bomb?

Lash and Brow Bomb is the world’s best lash lifting and brow lamination brand for a reason.  Lash and Brow Bomb is the FIRST to have conditioning ingredients infused right in the product itself. Our easy to use, sachets contain Cocoa Butter, Biotin, Hyaluronic Acid, & vitamin b3 and that’s just a few. 

These ingredients are meant to nourish and strengthen the lashes and brows to maintain the health of the hair structure! 


We are a duo system! Meaning Lash bomb and Brow Bomb can be used safely on brows and lashes! 

Lash and Brow Bomb sachets contain enough product for 3-4 applications! Competing brands are .5 ml sachets while Lash and Brow Bomb has 1.5 ml sachets! 


You will get 20-40 lash lifts or brow lamination treatments from a single kit, allowing you to offer your clients a premium service with no wasted product. 


Lash and Brow Bomb is also known for its quick processing times. Did you know Lash and Brow Bomb has the fastest processing times on the market? No more 60-90 minutes for a lash lift or a brow lamination. Have your client in and out within 30-45 minutes! Yes, that even includes a tint! 


Lash and Brow Bomb is constantly keeping up with innovating its products and has recently introduced its NEW Lash and Brow Toxx! Lash and Brow Toxx includes Panthenol, Hyaluronic Acid, Marshmallow Extract, Aloe Vera, Hydrolyzed Silk, Rosemary, Camomile, Arnica Montana, and Apricot Extracts. This product is an amazing aftercare item that stylists are able to retail to their clients. 

Cost of course: $500 for lash lift/tint alone, $500 for brow lamination alone, OR $850 for both courses total the same day.


We teach individual and duo courses each date. Morning session is lash lift/tint, afternoon session is brow lamination. Come for only one or stay for both which is the "duo" course!


The kit contents included in this course are: 

1 Lash Bomb Trial Kit which has enough product for up to 40 clients 

10 Y- Tool Applicators

1 Mini tint kit 

1 Additional tint color

Micro swabs 

25 pack glue rings 

5 undereye gel patches

25 spoolies 

Brow Bomb Manual

Lash Bomb Manual

Certificate of Attendance


Certificate of Completion


To enroll/purchase this course, please let me know which date you are interested in and if you would like to enroll in our lash lift/tint or brow lamination training or both. We will send you an invoice via email to pay and the student agreement to sign. Once we receive payment and signed agreement, your seat is reserved! You will receive access to online modules to complete before your in person training so you come fully prepared and equipped with knowledge already and we can dive into hands-on training!


Taught by Sasha & Assisted by Bree

MARCH 6, 2022

*April-July 2022 Dates will be announced in January 2022


 Join us for lash/lift tint in the morning, brow lamination in the afternoon or both! 

Open to licensed estheticians, cosmetologists, or students enrolled in school working towards either license. (Proof of license or enrollment required.)


  • product knowledge 

  • aftercare

  • contraindications, diseases & disorders

  • natural lash health/client eye safety 

  • Spring/Fall Lash Shed

  • consent forms

  • what to expect, how to deal with difficult clients, how to get started (what to charge, how to get clients, how to pass state board inspection, etc)

  • list of what you will need in addition to your starter kit to succeed & recommendations for each (i.e. lash bed, light, etc.)


  • Comprehensive training and practice on model (can bring own model or one can be provided) at The Beauty Society

  • Step-by-step manual

  • Client waivers

  • Starter kit with LashBomb products (enough products to do 10-15 clients after you leave.) You will receive what we use on our own clients!

  • Certificate of attendance

  • Access to online portal to upload case studies and receive feedback to work towards certificate of completion

  • unlimited, ongoing lifetime support from trainers via phone/email

  • Lifetime 10% off of products 



  • $200 deposit required to reserve your seat. (Goes toward total.) Balance due no later than 14 days prior to class date. 2 weeks before class, LashBomb HQ will give you access to online modules where you will begin learning at home so you can come to your training date equipped with knowledge so we can spend more time diving into the details!

Ready to enroll or have questions? Enter your info and we will be in touch! Please tell us which course(s) you are interested in in the message box.

Thanks and see you soon!