hand airbrush spray tanning

Tanning beds and the risk of burning or cancer are OUT! You won't find a machine doing the spray tanning but rather our staff by hand for a much more even, and customized look. You will be in and out within 15 minutes with a tan that will last up to a week with proper care. And the best part? Our solution has purple undertones which cancel out any fake orange tones commonly associated with spray tans. 

BEFORE YOU ARRIVE: Exfoliate well and do NOT apply any lotions, deodorant or perfumes to the body. Bring loose fitting clothing. We recommend darker shades.

DURING YOUR APPOINTMENT: Bottoms are required. Some choose to wear underwear/thong, others choose to wear a swimsuit. Whatever is comfortable for you works! We provide a relaxing, professional environment with privacy. 

WHILE YOU ARE TAN: Wait 8 hours to take your first shower. Then...moisturize daily! This will ensure the longevity of your tan and is crucial for even fading. Pat yourself dry after showering, do NOT rub dry. Once your tan starts fading, we recommend exfoliating it completely off before receiving another spray tan for the best results!